Canned Food Drive

DZ, Arvin, D33

During the school year, my club put together a canned food drive! We asked for donations from our members and potentially any other donors that would like to contribute. We then mailed them off to our local charities. The purpose of this canned food drive was to raise awareness of those that may be less fortunate than us. We are very proud to say that we donated over 30 cans of food and hope to make this an annual event! 


July Blast

SF, Woodlake, D18

On July 3rd, Woodlake hosted their annual 3rd of July Blast! Families from all over Woodlake came out and celebrated our nation’s independence together - with a special performance from Morgan Evens! In the midst of all the red, white, and blue, Woodlake Key Club partnered with Woodlake Kiwanis members to help run a concession stand. Woodlake Key Club members Manroop Turna and Sierra Sherwood helped by taking orders and accommodating customers. Dressed in our nation’s colors, complete with glitter eyeshadow, Manroop and other Key Club members helped generate $1,200 in profit - the concession stand actually had to close early because they sold out of hamburgers and hotdogs!


Banquet Recap

AC, Damonte Ranch, D23

One of my favorite Key Club moments was the End-of-Term Division Banquet! It was fun meeting people from other schools and getting to know one another through ice breakers. I also enjoyed all the food that fellow Key Clubbers brought in (shout out to whoever brought the Lumpia!!)!



MV, Clovis North, D05N

For this week's Zooniverse event, I participated in online research projects. The platform allows users to read about a variety of different research projects that are currently being conducted and participate in them by helping scientists sort through data. My favorite project was called Wildlife of Los Angeles, where I identified different animals such as deer, bobcats, and rabbits in areas surrounding the city using footage from stationary cameras. This project helps scientists understand urban wildlife and the threats they face. I hope my contributions helped these animals!

Day on the Farm Event

WL, Enochs, D46N

D46N Key Clubbers were presented with the chance to participate in a service event outside of Key Club with the Society for disABILITIES. The event began on June 18, bright and early at 8:00 am. Volunteers were expected to help set up the activities before the kids arrived. Numerous tasks were divided up between the volunteers throughout the day, like handing out name tags, disposing of trash bags, and reading to the kids. The activities for the kids included horseback riding, hay rides, a petting zoo, and more. Just like setting up, volunteers also cleaned up before they left. Another member from Enochs Key Club, Jozette, said that “it was very fun to work with the kids. Many of the volunteers were very patient and felt passionate about the cause. All of the children were very excited and it was heartwarming to see that.” All in all, it was a very fun event to be a part of and I’d love to volunteer there again.

Redlands Bowl Ushering

JK, Redlands East Valley, D36E

Redlands East Valley Key Club members were able to volunteer as ushers at events being held at the Redlands Bowl. At these events, those volunteering fulfilled tasks and assisted those attending the performances. Overall, our volunteers helped ensure that the events went smoothly and efficiently. Additionally, such service proves to be beneficial in supporting the Redlands Bowl, and as a whole, our community.


San Diego International Triathlon


I honestly haven’t been to a service event in a while, so going to the San Diego International Triathlon was actually really fun! At the beginning of the event, the other volunteers and I were organizing T-shirts for fellow volunteers and runners. Then we were driven to a different station as the original one had enough volunteers. There, we helped with setting up tents and tables for the water station. Since the service event was 6 hours, they gave us pizza for lunch (which was really good). We also helped load cones into a truck to be brought to another station of the race. Overall, this service event was great and I can’t wait to go to another!

Fourth of July Parade

WL, Enochs, D46N

On July 4th, Key Clubbers helped out the McHenry Mansion Foundation by helping sell water, soda, ice cream, and other items to those watching the Fourth of July Parade on the route. Aside from having to sell goods, volunteers also went back to the main vendor to restock on anything that was sold out. The experience was very fun and it gave the volunteers time to bond with each other and witness the parade floats that drove by. At the end of the event, they cleaned up, put back any unsold foods or drinks, and helped with any other tasks that the vendor needed.


Region 7 Beach Cleanup

NF, Hollywood, D03S

An event that was a great joy to participate in was the beach clean up. The opportunity I had to participate in this event was great! The activities that I had done thatI had enjoyed were meeting new people from our region, having fun in the water, experiencing the beach with other friends, and helping the community while doing so. It was fun to go out and meet new people that I can hang out with. We also had the opportunity to pie our It. governors in the face which was very fun and exciting. We had done things such as clean up the trash while still finding time to hang out and know more about one another.

Jensen Schmidt Tennis Academy

CL, D16S

From June 27 to June 29, Key Clubbers volunteered at the Jensen Schmidt - Tennis Academy for Down Syndrome. This took place at the Burbank Tennis Center. At this event, volunteers were partnered up with people with down syndrome and did various activities with them. Some activities included an obstacle course, monkey in the middle, and hitting the tennis ball. Between activities, there were breaks for snacks and lunch. The Tennis Academy gave children and young adults with down syndrome a positive environment and a chance to learn more about tennis. We highly enjoyed volunteering for them and hope to do the same next year :)