Behind every great leader is a supporting and loving family. With this idea in mind, the Kiwanis Family & Foundation Committee was created. Using the resources provided below, we hope that each and every member will work to strengthen ties with their Kiwanis Family and make use of the opportunities provided by the Cal-Nev-Ha Foundation. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information!

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Happy Kiwanis One Day!

Saturday, October 22nd, 2022


Co-Sponsoring a KFamily Club

As a Key Club, you can co-sponsor and even charter a K-Kids Club (elementary students) and/or a Builder’s Club (middle school students)! In order to sponsor either of the 2 clubs, you must CO-SPONSOR it with a Kiwanis Club. 

  • Chartering Checklist: a step-by-step, personalized checklist on chartering
  • RTC Presentation 
  • Help Form:
    • **open year-round; all questions welcomed; you will receive a personalized response within 4-7 days**
  • Help Form Graphic: to download + promote on your Division or Club Instagram 


To officially register a chartered K-Kids or Builder’s Club, you MUST fill out the following paperwork



  • Build Kiwanis influence in the community
  • Increase membership retention and communication between Kiwanis branches
  • Provide leadership opportunities to a younger crowd
  • Be an example for aspiring students
  • Help increase future Key Club Membership
  • Credit for end-of-the-year recognition! 
    • Most Improved Club, AAR, Distinguished Officer, Member of the Year, Kiwanis Family Award

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CNH Kiwanis Family Map

The CNH Circle K Kiwanis Family Committee has compiled an interactive Kiwanis Family Map to help Key Clubbers reach out to the different branches of the Kiwanis Family. Feel free to use this map in any way possible, whether it's contacting your local Kiwanis Club, finding your closest Circle K, or simply locating other Key Clubs in this District!