Key Club members interested in running for the position of Lieutenant Governor adhere to the outlined steps below, complete the required documents, and meet the deadlines set by the CNH District and their respective divisions.

Conclaves will take place between January and February, but please contact your current Lieutenant Governor and Region Advisor(s) for detailed logistics.


Steps to Running

Step #1: Attend the Lieutenant Governor Candidate Training Conference (CTC)

Attend the Lieutenant Governor Candidate Training Conference (CTC). Consider the information presented and make an informed decision on whether to pursue a candidacy or not. If you were unable to attend CTC, training materials can be accessed at the bottom of this page. Reach out to your respective Lieutenant Governor for additional resources provided during their specific training.


Step #2: Complete the Candidate Registration Form

Complete the Candidate Registration Form. Candidates will initiate their candidacy through the Candidate Registration form, also referred to as the Intent to Run form. This must be completed at least two (2) weeks before Conclave.


Step #3: Complete the Service Agreement Form

Complete the Service Agreement Form. Following this, candidates must complete their portion of the Service Agreement and coordinate with the necessary individuals to obtain their approval to run for Lieutenant Governor. As previously mentioned, the form has undergone changes to utilize an electronic process, requiring each signatory to fulfill their respective part for an e-signature. This must be completed one (1) week prior to Conclave.

Candidates must provide their name, region, division, school, and email address to each signatory. This is necessary for signatories to complete Section 1 of the Service Agreement, which is a section present across all forms. This ensures accurate matching of the signatory's submission with the respective candidate.

Despite the Service Agreement's mention of emailing and physically mailing forms, please disregard that instruction. Service Agreements will now be submitted electronically, as explained in the process outlined above. Physical paperwork sent to the District Office and scanned paperwork submitted via email are no longer necessary.


Step #4: Prepare for Conclave

Prepare by practicing your speech(es) and responding to caucus questions.

Additionally, you should create your literature (1-2 sided pages). Submit your literature to the current Lieutenant Governor and Region Advisor at least one (1) week prior to Conclave.