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About the CNH District

The CNH District consists of 79 mighty divisions led by the most dedicated student leaders today. We are also the largest district in Key Club International!

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Get Involved With Us!

Check out our "Divisions" page HERE to see if your school has a Key Club and reach out to them! If your school does not have one, reach out to your Lieutenant Governor and start one.


At the beginning of each term, your CNH District Executives create goals they work diligently to complete by the end of the term. For the 2022-2023 term, here are our goals:

35,000 dues paid members

$225,000 raised for PTP

850,000 service hours

Let's work hard to reach all of our goals by District Convention 2023! Contact your division's Lieutenant Governor for more information on how to attend.



Come meet our 2022-2023 District Board, including our Lieutenant Governors from all across California, Nevada, and Hawaii!

Let's Get Poppin',
Helena Teung-Ouk
District Visual Media Editor 2022-2023

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Read a few featured articles submitted by YOUR clubs and divisions below! See more by navigating the menu (News > Articles)!

Fourth of July Parade

WL, Enochs, D46N

On July 4th, Key Clubbers helped out the McHenry Mansion Foundation by helping sell water, soda, ice cream, and other items to those watching the Fourth of July Parade on the route. Aside from having to sell goods, volunteers also went back to the main vendor to restock on anything that was sold out. The experience was very fun and it gave the volunteers time to bond with each other and witness the parade floats that drove by. At the end of the event, they cleaned up, put back any unsold foods or drinks, and helped with any other tasks that the vendor needed.


Day on the Farm Event

WL, Enochs, D46N

D46N Key Clubbers were presented with the chance to participate in a service event outside of Key Club with the Society for disABILITIES. The event began on June 18, bright and early at 8:00 am. Volunteers were expected to help set up the activities before the kids arrived. Numerous tasks were divided up between the volunteers throughout the day, like handing out name tags, disposing of trash bags, and reading to the kids. The activities for the kids included horseback riding, hay rides, a petting zoo, and more. Just like setting up, volunteers also cleaned up before they left. Another member from Enochs Key Club, Jozette, said that “it was very fun to work with the kids. Many of the volunteers were very patient and felt passionate about the cause. All of the children were very excited and it was heartwarming to see that.” All in all, it was a very fun event to be a part of and I’d love to volunteer there again.