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Heritage Rose Garden Cleanup

JP, Evergreen Valley, D12S

Evergreen Valley Key Club attended the Heritage Rose GardD12S Heritage Rose Garden Cleanupen Cleanup on a Saturday morning. It was a great change of scenery after being in my room for days. Though we were lost for a good ten minutes, we eventually found our way to the hosts and were given materials to work with. The volunteers were split up into two groups. One of them was in charge of picking up scraps of dead bushes. My group dealt with cutting dead flowers and leaves off of the bushes. Many of the roses had stems with thorns, so we had to be careful and not get pricked. With much caution, I was only pricked three times during the entire event! The best part about working with the bushes was that we could take a closer look at the flowers and name tags. Each shrub had a unique name paired with a special message to the recipient, which I thought was super adorable. Working alongside us were a wide variety of different types of busy bees. The bumble bees definitely were the most entertaining to watch while cutting the dead flowers. Overall, this event was really fun attending with friends!



At the beginning of each term, your CNH District Executives create goals they work diligently to complete by the end of the term. For the 2022-2023 term, here are our goals:

35,000 dues paid members

$225,000 raised for PTP

850,000 service hours

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Let's Get Poppin',
Helena Teung-Ouk
District Visual Media Editor 2022-2023


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