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Spring Japanese Culture Festival

YL, Arbor View, D28W

One of our club's favorite volunteering events we did would be the Spring Japanese Culture Festival where we helped run and set up the event. It was so entertaining to see and learn about such a spirited and lively culture. We helped sell handmade origami made by the elder Japanese community and promoted other items while telling people about other activities could enjoy such as the tea ceremony, calligraphy, flower arrangement, and clothing events. There were many singers, dancers, and multiple different performers to help represent the Japanese culture. Everything there was very fun and entertaining to experience in person. In addition, some members of our club are currently taking Japanese language courses at our school and it helped them practice and use the knowledge from the classes. Everyone at the festival was so welcoming and time flew by so fast to the point we didn’t realize we were there for over ten hours.

Miss California Extraordinaire Pageant

AS, Escondido, D37E

Escondido High School’s Key Club held a service on Saturday, July 22, from 10:00 a.m. - 7 p.m. where members volunteered at the annual pageant called “Miss California Extraordinaire Pageant.” This service event was located at The Grand Ritz Theater in Escondido, California where members helped out in general prep and behind the scenes work throughout the day. Many members enjoyed helping out the younger kids prepare before they perform on stage, since many kids had a fear of performing. Although the duration of volunteer work was long, many members collectively agreed that seeing the smiles of the younger kids while they perform was worth the long hours!

 D37E MissCalifornia


Grape Picking 

MH, Selma High School, D5S

Every year Selma High School participates in the Fresno Fair fruit display contest! Starting on 7/29/23 every Saturday for 5 weeks, club members from Selma High go out and pick over 140 different types of grapes from 6 am to 12 pm. With about 6-8 volunteers every Saturday, they get things done quickly and smoothly. Volunteers are given clippers and boxes and are told where to pick grapes. Since they are partnered with their local Kiwanis group, they provide snacks and water to make sure our club members are fed and staying hydrated. Recently, club members from Reedley High School Key Club and FFA have taken up the challenge and helped them pick these past two Saturdays. Selma has two more Saturdays before they start working on the display on the Fresno fairgrounds. Overall, the past 3 weeks have gone great and they are keeping up their quota of grapes, and with two more weeks to go, they are excited to almost be done!


D05S Grape Picking

KIWIN'S Teens of Service

LL, Alexander Hamilton, D13W

On Saturday, September 2, 2023, Key Club and KIWIN'S Teens of Service collaborated to host a Teen Beach themed service and social event at Earvin “Magic” Johnson Recreation Center. Our own Key Club made and sold tuna onigiri at the event as well, complete with a custom poster by Lana Reyes (one of our past members).  Almost all of our officers and some of our members joined other Hedgehogs and KIWIN'S in participating in fun icebreakers at the beginning of our event as well as a small competition where clubs were split off into groups to perform a short musical number! The winner was awarded the materials to make bracelets for children in hospitals. The rest of the attendees received drawing materials and cards to donate as well. The day was wrapped up with some karaoke, and the bracelets, cards, and drawings were safely collected!

D13W KeywinsteensOfService 1.1 VALERIA SERRANO