Moonlight Movies and More

EV, Upland, D15N

At the Moonlight Movies and Music event, I was given the chance to work at the snack bar with my friends and fellow key clubbers! I really enjoyed this event because I was able to meet new people and saw what it would be like to work in retail. Attending this event also gave me an excuse to leave the house and touch some grass, which made me feel like I was doing something productive with my day and away from my phone. This event is important for the community because it encourages people to spend their time outdoors and is a great way to fundraise money in a fun manner. It also gives younger people like me a chance to experience having a working job. Since the event took place later in the day, the weather was very nice and it was not too hot. To wrap up our experience, we got to see the sunset and watch a movie!

Color Festival DCM

AP, Temple City, D10N

Division 10 North celebrated the beginning of summer at their June DCM by having a blast, throwing colored powder at one another. During their June DCM, taking place at Smith Park in San Gabriel, they got to have a turn at festival games in color. We started off the DCM with icebreakers. Through numbering off, we were split into groups of four to be able to connect and meet new Key Clubbers through a photo scavenger hunt. On the list included tasks of taking a 0.5 group photo, creating “D10N” with our groups, taking a perspective shot, taking photos with trees and rocks, and many more. Appropriately named, “The Winners” team won this game.

Friday Nights at the Plaza

GH, American Canyon, D08

Friday Nights at the Plaza was an event held by the American Canyon Art Foundation, aiming to celebrate artists from middle school to professionals, as well as having live performances from local bands. Volunteers were able to help set up booths which housed information about community non-profits and local business. We also assisted in redirecting traffic to minimize parking lot congestion, and invited any other passerby to join in the celebration. After having everyone settled in, we contributed our energy onto the dance floor, bonded with the Kiwanians present, and grooved with the music!

Soy and Tofu Festival

AC, Oakland Key Club, D02N

During the month of July, we had one of our annual service events in Japantown, located in San Francisco. This event was a Soy and Tofu Festival, where members could volunteer and get more service hours. We had different tasks depending on where we were assigned and what our scheduled time shift was. It was definitely a great experience meeting new people from different organizations, while cooperating with the different tasks and much more. We look forward to many more spectacular services and getting to meet more amazing people!!

June DCM

BQ, Marysville, D39

Division 39 is a growing division. We are prosparating beyond what I expected before. We have had great success contacting clubs. We have learned that we have POWERHOUSE clubs! Our June DCM had an attendance of 30! It was virtual due to the issues presented as people couldnt attend. We also did a Cards for Saint Jude service project remotely. Members created inspirational cards to hand out to charities in the community.

2022 ICON

BQ, Marysville, D39

The Division 39 Lieutenant Governor happily and honorably attended the 2022 International Convention in Washington DC for a week. I had to the opportunity, sponsored fully by Kiwanis, to learn to be a better leader, meet amazing people in the service world and meet like minded amazing people from around the world! I had an amazing experience I will never forget on the tour while at DC, learning about our nations history. 


AG, River Valley, D14

We had our OTC on Wednesday, June 15th. We ran ahead of schedule, but overall, it was a successful event. Our local Starbucks was able to donate coffee and cake pops to us, which was a nice addition to our training. Six of our division’s clubs attended and learned about the responsibilities of each officer. D14’s OTC ran from 8 am to 1 pm.


June DCM

HD, River Valley, D14

On June 10th Division 14's DCM was held. The meeting was held at Yuba City High School's Multipurpose Room. Division Leadership Team members assisted our Lieutenant Governor in setting up a movie, chairs, and snacks which were popcorn and various types of candy. The DCM was a movie night. We watched Teen Beach Movie. The profit we had made from the snacks were donated to the Pediatric Trauma Program. Overall, the meeting was a very fun experience.


Banana Bash Social

KC, Oxford Academy, D30S 

It’s been a while since I have been to a social, but the Banana Bash Social – a joint social between several Key Clubs in Division 30 South – was a reminder of how interesting Key Club events can be, no matter how many you attend!I’ve never been the type of person to text or call much, but I loved chatting with people, in person. After going to a number of Key Club events and having a high attendance rate at socials and DCMs (due to my officer position and my personal love for Key Club), I thought I kind of understood everything and was quite experienced. It turns out, I still have much to learn!Key Club is about service, but also about the connections we can make. As a previous Division officer and a current and past club officer, I have gotten to know quite a lot of people from various places through Key Club. As a result, my contact list has expanded exponentially from before. However, at the recent Banana Bash Social, I met two new people I’ve never seen before, and we hit it off really, really well! During the minion ice breaker activity, I was paired with two seniors from different schools, and it turns out, we all love anime! It was a connection unrelated to Key Club, but we met because of the social. It was so much fun talking with them about different shows, getting to know them better, and just generally having an in-depth, engaging conversation about fictional characters and plotlines! I met another senior as we were considering buying banana bread from one of the fundraisers there, and a new friendship was formed… over banana bread. In any case, I’ve realized: it doesn’t matter how many people you meet, how many times you go to an event, or how much experience you think you have. There will always be more out there to experience, enjoy, and learn! Key Club is just one way to do all of that, and in my opinion, one of the best ways to do just that and more!

Officer Training Conference 

PC, Huntington Beach, D04W

On Saturday June 11th, the Officer Training Conference was held in congruence with the June DCM. At the Officer Training Conference, members who held officer positions all across D04W, D30S, D30N, D04E, D04S, D04N, and D04C all came together at Costa Mesa High School. First OTC, started off with a guest speaker session. Then lunch of cheese and pepperoni pizza was served at the outside amphitheater area. After lunch, our division held the June DCM where the executive assistants went over the old and new business of the month. As well as, giving out awards to our club officer of the month, Regina Chamu, DLT officer of the month, Spencer Royer, and our club of the month Huntington Beach Key Club!! After the June DCM, the opening session was held in the school’s theater room. The opening session started off with a funny and witty parody of Princess and the Frog, which left smiles on faces all across the audience. In the opening session, everyone spoke in unison for the pledge of allegiance and the key club pledge. There was also an introduction of guests and the district goals. Furthermore, the workshops started for session one. This is where officers all across the board like Presidents, Vice Presidents, Secretaries, Treasurers, and Bulletin Editors all received their proper training for their individual position. These workshops were led by our very own LTGs in each division. There was also a second session that covered a variety of topics that related to building core values of being a key club member, which consisted of workshops like public speaking, building keynections, service projects, and even professionalism. Finally, a closing session was held, which discussed our final region events coming up and final thank yous! Overall, OTC was a very informative and fun event, which ensured each and every officer is thoroughly trained and ready for a new successful term ahead!!!