D13W 4th of July Parade


On the 4th of July, GALA Key Club was invited by the Santa Monica Kiwanis Club to join LACES, Palisades, and Crystal Kiwins at the Santa Monica 4th of July Parade to commemorate the Santa Monica Key Club’s 100th Anniversary. We met up at Santa Monica beach at 8:30 to decorate the parade truck before the event. By the end of the hour, the white truck was completely unrecognizable, and was decked out with red, white, and blue tinsel and draped in American flag banners. After decorating, we drove to the parade route and waved to spectators as we marched down Main Street. All in all, we were super appreciative to have been able to meet clubs outside our division. We look forward to next year’s parade!

D13N Taste of Lakewood

AT, Saint Joseph, D13N

Taste of Lakewood service event took place on June 25 from 3:30-9:00pm. Division 13 North and I helped collect tickets for the Lakewood Block Party food stands. I was assigned to help at the Raising Cane’s stand. It was really crowded and there were a lot of people who wanted chicken tenders. Katie, my partner, and I sang songs and did dance moves to promote Cane's. Besides collecting tickets, I helped pass out napkins and tell employees customer orders. We filled almost four jars of tickets and I learned a lot from the Cane's employees. They even tried hiring me at one point!  At the end, there were fireworks and I got to watch with all my friends. The service event was a lot of fun and I enjoyed hanging out with everyone from Raising Cane’s and I hope to do a service event like this again!!

D13W Ballona Creek Cleanup


On Saturday, June 11th 2022, Division 13 West teamed up with the nonprofit Friends of Ballona Wetlands and held a creek cleanup! The event began with introductions to get to know the workers & their roles with the organization. To acquaint ourselves with the creek, we toured the area and prepared for the activity by suiting up with gloves and trashbags. Afterwards, we made our way to the site and picked up a variety of trash, with the total collected amounting to over 45 pounds! We were incredibly happy to help dwindle the amount of trash that appears on Ballona Creek and learn more about the importance of a clean environment!

Officer Training Conference


Some of our D38W officers and members were able to attend this year’s OTC held at SOAR High School. The evening started off with an icebreaker to get to know everyone. Then it was followed by more presentations, including one from the Kiwanis. The night then continued with a potluck and a service activity. In this activity, Key Clubbers decorated bags, wrote inspirational notes, and packed 50 kits together. The kits were packed with school supplies to create 9th grade survival kits that will be donated to two schools in the Antelope Valley High School District. Overall, the event allowed our officers and members to meet new people, learn about their positions, and have fun. Once the night came to an end, everyone left more knowledgeable and with a smile on their face!

Writing Wonders

SB, Westview, D37S

Through the Writing Wonders website, I selected multiple different events (children, elderly, and health care workers) to write positive letters to. After researching more about the organization, I realized how important it is to uplift others, even in simple ways. I made sure to make every letter unique for each person. For a health care worker, I wrote a thank-you note expressing my gratitude for their bravery and sacrifices throughout these few years. For St. Jude Children's hospital, I made an e-card with a cute picture and encouraging note. Finally, for senior citizens, I created two cards on paper with positive messages and hand-drawn pictures. Overall, it was a great way to be creative while helping the community.

Kiwanis Fourth Of July Parade

SP, Mira Mesa, D21

Our club had a great time at the Kiwanis 4th of July Parade! We had an interclub with Scripps Ranch Key Club and were able to meet new people while walking in the parade and bond together with ice cream. It was a great opportunity to show off our Key Club spirit and participate in more Kiwanis and interclub events.

Key Club Recognition

GM, Buena, D42W

In this photo, all of the seniors from Buena Key Club received their pins. They were all so excited and happy to be able to wear them at graduation. We made a meeting and the advisors turned them into them. The members were also there to support them and congratulate them. Some even talked about how excited they are to receive the pins when they're seniors themselves. The advisors had even brought us pizza to eat lunch together and celebrate our seniors at their last Key Club meeting. The seniors who were officers said they felt emotional because they had been part of Key Club since freshman year and being in Key Club helped them grow.


Aerospace Museum of California

SN, Woodcreek, D44W

An ongoing event that Woodcreek Key Club members have volunteered at through summer so far has been the various Aerospace Museum events. One specific event was the "Up, Up, Away Hot Air Balloon Day'' event hosted on June 4th from 9:30am to 2pm. At this event, members from throughout the division helped run science based tables for youth! Families gathered at the crafts, games, and fun experiments where they were able to learn more about science and physics! It was great to be able to teach children about these cool topics in such a fun way. Meeting new people from other clubs around the division was also a great aspect about this event and allowed attendees to make new connections and friendships! Overall, this event was very enjoyable and a great way for members to stay active over summer and to explore Key Club outside of just club events at school.


Region 16 Colorsplash

JH, D07W

On July 9th, Region 16 hosted our Colorsplash event for the first time since the 2019-2020 Key Club term. All divisions within the region joined to play fun field games and for the Colorsplash portion at the end of the event. The Division 7’s hosted their July DCMs at Colorsplash while members from Division 27’s and Division 44’s spent the time playing fun icebreakers. Overall this event was a great time for members to bond with each other and turned out to be a big success!


Recycling Bin Making

SS, Castle, D22K

On Saturday, June 11, 2022, Castle Key Club constructed recycling bins to place across campus. Several members constructed these bins out of chicken wire and metal clasps. Members plan to maintain the bins throughout the school year, which is intended to collect HI-5 bottles and cans, as well as #1 & #2 plastic and aluminum foil. The club hopes to promote greener habits within the school. Members will be cleaning out the bins approximately twice a month, and take the recyclables to the recycling center. The club plans to use the additional funds towards project expenses.