Back to School Night

MP, Cesar Chavez, D27N

Back to School Night transformed into an exciting and meaningful occasion for our Key Club this year. It provided us with a dynamic platform to not only have fun but also raise funds for important initiatives like the PTP or just to support of own club. What truly made the evening exceptional was witnessing our club members wholeheartedly engage with the local community, forging connections beyond the ordinary school event. For many of our members, this event marked their inaugural opportunity to accrue service hours, an essential aspect of our club's mission. The success of our fundraising efforts was a testament to the hard work and dedication of our board members, who collaborated seamlessly to plan and execute the event. As we reflect on Back to School Night, we are filled with pride and a sense of fulfillment, knowing that we not only had a fantastic time but also made a tangible difference in our school and community. It was a reminder of the Key Club's powerful impact when we unite for a common goal, and we eagerly anticipate more opportunities to serve and continue building these valuable connections.