Stars and Strides Run

MA, Piedmont Hills High School, D12E

I was basically Mr. Beast today. My journey started at 7 AM on a Saturday near the Children’s Discovery Museum. I was working at a snack booth for the Stars and Strides run, and at around 10 AM, we realized that we had at least 20 or 30 extra 12-pack cases of water and 10 or so 45-pack boxes of Goldfish crackers left. Like any sensible volunteers who had the opportunity to be generous like Mr. Beast without actually having to pay for the giveaway items, we started handing full cases and boxes to the runners who had stayed around. Word got out that we were giving free stuff out; as expected, we started attracting more customers. After some time, we ran out, but it was fun while it lasted. Afterward, I searched up "Hint water cases" and they are only about $10 each. Although I would not say that we were on the level of Mr. Beast, I would say we were pretty close.

D12E Star and Strides Run