Region 16 Colorsplash

ST, Brandon Hoopes, D27N

The Region 16 Colorsplash event was held at Elk Grove Regional Park in (if you could take a wild guess) Elk Grove on July 9th from 10AM-1PM. The event attendance encompassed key clubbers from every division from Region 16. Remember that Region 16 (an utmost sweet region for that matter!) is made up of the following divisions: D07N, D07S, D07W, D27N, D27S, D44N, D44S, and D44W. After registration was finally taken of, attendees all gathered around the lovely LTGs as they instructed us on how to move forward. The LTGs instructed that D07N, D07S, D07W, and D44N would have their respective DCMs while the remaining divisions get started on the main portion of the event: games!! The first couple of games were played between the rest of the divisions that were not presently in a DCM, however the rest of the attendees filled in as time went on, and some even finished quick enough to play the final round of the second game. The entire game schedule went as follows: hot potato race, man over board, sharks and minnows, water ballon toss, and water assembly line. Hot potato race was based around teamwork in which two groups created circles as well as game plans on how to get everyone to catch the ball and sit down quicker than the other competing group. Man over board was a “Simon says” based game which introduced poses that varied in the amount of people needed, going as low as 1, and as high as 5. This went on go on until one person is left standing. Sharks and minnows was pretty straight forward. Sharks tagged people trying to get from point a to point b, and those who got “out” became immobile sharks who could tag as well. The last to “survive” the sharks won the round. Water balloon toss is pretty straight forward as well, multiple partners would throw each other a bloom at increasing distances until one pair remained. The fifth and final game was water assembly line, in which several groups formed lines that had to shift a drenched shirt up over the head for some and underneath the legs for others. The last person in the line would go up front and repeat the process. In order to complete the game each group needed to get the person originally in the front of the chain to once again move up to the front of the line. After the games were finally over (unfortunately), the event moved on to a “before” group picture prior to everyone throwing up color dust in the air, and ultimately took an “after” photo as well. The last part of the event, but certainly not the least (and in my personal opinion, I think it was one of the best portions of the colorsplash!), it was finally time to throw up color dust packets, which everyone received two of (I got two oriole, myself). After closing my eyes after the initial release, it was pleasant to see all of the colors in the air above us, around us, and ON us! Colorsplash hasn’t been around since 2019, but I’m happy to report that it has lost no magic since that year!!