Soaking In September

EH, West Ranch, D16N

Although we are soaking in September, our division had a definitely notable DCM in late August! It was a nostalgic baby-themed event with activities consisting of a competitive game of musical chairs, rainbow loom, coloring for a service project, cup-stacking, and more! It was a DCM worth remembering!

West Ranch Key Club has also started our involvement with Atria for this new term. Atria is a Senior living center in Santa Clarita that strives to provide a comfortable, active, and social experience for the seniors living there. Volunteers will contribute through many roles such as performing a talent for the seniors, assisting with specific activities, visiting residents, providing services, participating in or leading educational or religious services, and assisting with clerical functions. 

Our division has lots of exciting events coming up. First, on September 15th, a fundraiser will be held at Gong Cha with the proceeds going towards PTP. PTP is a charity seeking to reduce the amount of children's deaths caused by pediatric trauma. Make sure to show your support by getting boba on this day! Next, on September 30th is our annual Region Training Conference for Key Club officers. It will be held at Burbank High School with an admissions fee of 5$. The Key Club officers are excited to participate in this fun Avenger themed event!

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