Grape Picking 

MH, Selma High School, D5S

Every year Selma High School participates in the Fresno Fair fruit display contest! Starting on 7/29/23 every Saturday for 5 weeks, club members from Selma High go out and pick over 140 different types of grapes from 6 am to 12 pm. With about 6-8 volunteers every Saturday, they get things done quickly and smoothly. Volunteers are given clippers and boxes and are told where to pick grapes. Since they are partnered with their local Kiwanis group, they provide snacks and water to make sure our club members are fed and staying hydrated. Recently, club members from Reedley High School Key Club and FFA have taken up the challenge and helped them pick these past two Saturdays. Selma has two more Saturdays before they start working on the display on the Fresno fairgrounds. Overall, the past 3 weeks have gone great and they are keeping up their quota of grapes, and with two more weeks to go, they are excited to almost be done!


D05S Grape Picking