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About the CNH District

The CNH District consists of 79 mighty divisions led by the most dedicated student leaders today. We are also the largest district in Key Club International!

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What's the Buzz?

Read this month's District Newsletter and featured articles from YOUR clubs and divisions below! If you'd like to see past newsletters or additional articles, please navigate to News > Newsletters or News > Articles. Enjoy!

KIWIN'S Teens of Service

LL, Alexander Hamilton, D13W

On Saturday, September 2, 2023, Key Club and KIWIN'S Teens of Service collaborated to host a Teen Beach themed service and social event at Earvin “Magic” Johnson Recreation Center. Our own Key Club made and sold tuna onigiri at the event as well, complete with a custom poster by Lana Reyes (one of our past members).  Almost all of our officers and some of our members joined other Hedgehogs and KIWIN'S in participating in fun icebreakers at the beginning of our event as well as a small competition where clubs were split off into groups to perform a short musical number! The winner was awarded the materials to make bracelets for children in hospitals. The rest of the attendees received drawing materials and cards to donate as well. The day was wrapped up with some karaoke, and the bracelets, cards, and drawings were safely collected!

D13W KeywinsteensOfService 1.1 VALERIA SERRANO

Region 8 Olympics

CU, California Academy of Mathematics and Science, D19N

Toward the end of August, CAMS Key Club participated in the Region 8 Battle Til’ Sundown! All five divisions of Region 8 attended and random teams were assigned to help strengthen the bond in our region. The teams competed in various competitions such as water sponge tossing, sand castle building, and volleyball. We later took beautiful sunset photos with the division and entire region. Different clubs fundraised at the event by selling food and drinks, and there was also a jar for each division in which the one with the most money at the end of the night would have their Lieutenant Governor soaked with water balloons. Division 19 North was victorious in getting our LTG Kaycee Daez pelted with water balloons!

 D19N Region8Battle 7 Parishi Jain


Contact Us

At the beginning of each term, your CNH District Executives create goals they work diligently to complete by the end of the term. The 2023-2024 goals are as follows:

187,483/400,000 Service Hours


$47,926.31/$200,000 PTP/YES! Initiative


32,000 Dues Paid Members



Let's work hard to reach all of our goals by District Convention 2024!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to the leadership team!

District Governor: Justin Kuo [email protected] 

District Secretary: Abigail Jensen [email protected] 

District Treasurer: Chloe Wu [email protected] 

District News Editor: Willa Lim [email protected] 

District Technology Editor: Katherine Geng [email protected] 

District Visual Media Editor: Chloe You [email protected] 

Communications & Marketing Chair: Joshua Santhirasegari [email protected]

District Convention Chair: Angelina Nguyen [email protected] 

Kiwanis Family & Foundation Chair: Kenneth Nguyen [email protected] 

Membership Development Chair: Lina Tran [email protected] 

Membership Recognition Chair: Chloe Hartanto [email protected] 

Membership Growth Chair: Henrina Zhang [email protected] 

Policy, International & Elections Chair: Sophia Nguyen [email protected] 

Service Projects Chair: Annabel Lee [email protected] 

UCSD X D46N Love Letters for Literacy Social

LN, Enochs, D46N

On Sunday, March 12, from 4-6 PM, D46N Key Club teamed up with UC San Diego Circle K for the first time to create alphabet flashcard kits for the organization “Love Letters for Literacy,” which equips low-income families with resources to teach their children how to read. 17 people attended the event including Adrienne, a former Enochs Key Club president and beloved alumni. For the 1st hour, Key Clubbers and Circle K members created alphabet flashcards together and really questioned their knowledge of what else starts with A other than apple? For 15 minutes, Circle K also presented tips on navigating the college application process with ease, as well as how to pick the right college for you. For the last half of the event, members played Gartic Phone! Lastly, prizes were also given out at the end of the event to members, who could increase their chances of winning by arriving earliest, staying the longest, making the most flashcards, or having the best Gartic Phone drawings. 1 Key Club member walked away with a $50 Amazon gift card! I personally really enjoyed the first Key Club Zoom event in almost a year; the atmosphere reminded me of why I fell in love with Key Club in the first place!