October 22, 2022
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
What is Fall Rally?
Due to the CNH District's massive size, two Fall Rallies are held each year; one in Northern California at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, one in Southern California at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Thousands of members gather at each of the two theme parks on their selected day. At Fall Rally North and South, LTGs and Executive officers are "auctioned" off to Divisions; the winning Division is able to then spend a designated period of time with the "purchased" officer. Auction funds and a portion of the ticket sales for both events go towards the Pediatric Trauma Program. Join us to experience motivational programs, Division Spirit Rally, meet new people, support the Pediatric Trauma Program, show your Key Club spirit, and have fun!
  • Park Ticket: $36
    • Season Pass Holders: $5
      • Contact your Region Advisor or Lieutenant Governor to purchase, you will also need to bring the ticket on the day of the rally to enter.
  • Lunch Buffet: $17
  • Mega Meal Voucher: $23
  • Discounted Parking: $15
Follow the directions in the flyer linked above and click HERE to purchase your tickets.
Rally Sessions
Rally 1: 11AM
  • D02N
  • D02S
  • D08
  • D12E
  • D12S
  • D12W
  • D22K
  • D22M
  • D22H
  • D26N
  • D26S
  • D34N
  • D34S
  • D43
  • D45
  • D46N
  • D46S
Rally 2: 1PM
  • D07N
  • D07S
  • D07W
  • D14
  • D20
  • D23
  • D27N
  • D27S
  • D32
  • D33
  • D39
  • D44N
  • D44S
  • D44W