Region 8 Olympics

KD, Lincoln High School, D13W

On Saturday, August 20 from 12pm - 4pm, Region 8: D13W, D13S, D13N, D19S, and D19N held our first Region Olympic event in two years! The event took place at Heartwell Park with the help of our Region Advisors, Ms. Elsie and Ms. Acosta. Members got a chance to bond with our sister divisions, compete in games, and enjoy some food! The event first started off with forming teams where members will compete against each other to win the Region 8 Olympics Trophy! Members got a chance to meet with each other and bond over some Icebreakers! Divisions were then separated to complete their DCM portion of the event. Group pictures were taken and food was served. The fun hasn't ended yet! The Olympics portion of the event was starting! 5 teams came together to compete for the trophy! Games consisted of Giant Cup Pong, Don't Pop the Balloon, and a Relay Race! In total, over 100 members attended the event and got a  chance to interact and bond with new people!