JBHS Library Volunteering

CL, D16S

Our white tigers at John Burroughs High School are volunteering the summer away at their school library! Since May 31st, JBHS Key Clubbers were helping our textbook coordinator alphabetize, sort, inventory textbooks, deliver, and repair books. As this is an ongoing event throughout the summer, working days are Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and anyone can work any hours between 8 AM-2 PM. This flexible volunteering opportunity does not end until August 11, additionally, we will be helping throughout registration week, as it approaches, welcoming back our old students, and new ones, as we help everyone get their textbooks! Our Key Clubbers at JBHS got this awesome opportunity to maintain a productive summer while helping out our wonderful textbook coordinator!      d16s-jbhs-library-volunteering-2