Heritage Hill

KD, Trabuco Hills, D04S

For the month of May, Trabuco Hills Key Club visited Heritage Hill Park for their Rancho Days Fiesta event on May 6th. This event included many different activities that helped teach about different cultures. Our Key Clubbers participated in stations that taught them how to make cultural foods and art crafts. Some members helped at a tortilla making station, while others were at a leather stamping stand. Members at the tortilla station got to learn about the process of making tortillas. Not only did they help make the tortillas, but they were also able to have a try of the delicious flavors! The Key Clubbers at the leather stamping station brought lots of entertainment to the families at the event. The children who made leather keychains were able to have fun, while enjoying the culture and community. This event allowed for the community of Lake Forest to cherish and enjoy other cultures. Including our Key Club members, the children and adults were able to watch different cultural music get performed. The performers wore beautiful outfits that belonged to their cultures, which taught the crowd about cultural identity. The Rancho Days Fiesta was a fantastic experience for our Key Clubbers as they were able to learn about different cultures. This event helped our members learn new traditions, and also how to love and appreciate their own backgrounds.