Charity Miles Competition

GG, Enochs, D46N 

Charity Miles is both fun and rewarding, making it a fantastic way to give back. This innovative app combines exercise with charitable giving, making every step count towards a good cause. Whether I am walking, running, or cycling, Charity Miles tracks my distance and donates money to my chosen charity for each mile completed. It turns everyday workouts into opportunities to support organizations making a positive impact. Just this summer, I have already walked more than 20 hours for the Shared Hope International Charity. Furthermore, currently Enochs High School is having a friendly competition through this app, adding an element of fun and motivation to my fitness routine. By using Charity Miles, I am able to improve my health, make a difference, and enjoy the satisfaction of doing good in the world.


D46N CharityMilesCompetition 1 Leena Gupta