Region 7 Beach Cleanup

HL, Lancaster, D16

The day every member of Region 7 was waiting for finally came, the 2023 beach cleanup! The day was full of fun and sand everywhere. The day started once we arrived at Dockweiler State Beach at 9 a.m. and we got straight to burying our LTG in the sand! We then jumped into the water and had a blast swimming around and jumping in waves. As we walked around, we paid extra attention to our surroundings, picking up as much trash as we could see. We then engulfed some hot dogs and hamburgers followed by some absolutely delicious s’mores. Finally, the moment everyone was waiting for, besides the LTGs, we got to cover them in shaving cream pies! “ It was my first time seeing the pie-ing of LTGs at the Region 7 beach cleanup. It was definitely a new experience, but I found it to be quite fun because I bet it was even more fun for the people doing the actual pieing. Plus, it was a great way to raise money for PTP so you will definitely be seeing a lot more pie-ing this term,” is what our LTG had to say about it. Although we may have gotten burnt a little, this Key Club memory has definitely been burned into my heart. It was a complete blast and I can’t wait for next term!