Cat Shelter

SH, Etiwanda, D15N

On June 20th, Etiwanda held their first ever Cat Shelter Volunteering event. This was a new event presented by the Etiwanda Executive board, and was our third service event of the summer. Since the event was announced at our Virtual Meeting in early June, I have been insanely excited. When I arrived at the shelter, the owners David and Stefanie were both so welcoming. They had a huge facility with over 30+ of the cutest rescue cats. Over the course of 3 hours, members were tasked with cleaning, socializing, and organizing the cat rooms. All of our members really enjoyed this event, and seeing all of these amazing animals was such a beautiful experience. My first task was cleaning cat towers in the room with the oldest cats, and I spent a few hours socializing with the cats, swiffering the floor, and chatting with Karlie and William. Once the event was coming to an end, we chatted with the owners for a while and they were so grateful for our help. They were such amazing people and donated some fundraising supplies to our club, as a way of giving back to us. If you’re interested in adopting a rescue cat check out Sierra Pacific Furbabies in Riverside, California. We had an amazing member and officer turnout, and overall this was such a rewarding experience, and I would definitely love to visit again.

 D15N Cat Shelter