Lihue Hongwanji Bon Dance

MM, Kaua’i, D22M

On July 7th and 8th, Kauai High School Key Club helped at the Lihue Hongwanji Bon Dance. There were multiple jobs we could volunteer to help out with for this event like andagi, dinner plates, and counter sales. For andagi, members were bagging and handing out the bags of andagi; with dinner plates, members were helping in the back kitchen; and for counter sales, we would take the orders from customers. At counter sales, customers could order things like flying saucers, pronto pops, soda and andagi. All of these jobs were busy the whole night as members helped customers get their orders. I think this was a fun event to help out at since we were always on our toes to keep up with sales. Also it was nice to see many locals coming out to enjoy the bon dance after not having any for such a long time.

D22M LihueHongwanjiBonDance 7 Mari Hinazumi