Sun Valley Neighborhood Council Cleanup

CL, D16S

On July 30th, from 7:30 to 11am, our members helped Sun Valley Neighborhood Council cleanup around a neighborhood in Sun Valley. They use tools like brooms, rakes and shovels to help them clean. They also picked up litter from areas that had trash. Although picking up trash, small or big, doesn’t stop pollution from happening, it does make a small impact on the environment. Those small impacts are what we look forward to because we know that it can prevent trash from harming an environment or habitat. SVNC’s cleanup made it possible for us to make the impact we seek in the environment and we are beyond grateful!

Paracord Picnic

NO, West Ranch, D16N

During our final moments of summer, three clubs in our division collaborated in making a fun event for Key Club members! Castaic, AOC, and West Ranch worked together to plan a paracord picnic in July. The event began with all members splitting into groups to divide and conquer the task of picking up trash around Valencia Heritage Park. Participation in this event counted as one hour of service. Later on we met up at some benches and began our picnic. Members talked about what they did over the summer and future plans while eating food. Seeing Unicorns from different schools come together to enjoy a couple of snacks under the blazing hot sun made this summer even more memorable. 


Pretty Pies

FT and KB, Alameda, D02S

On June 14th, Alameda Key Club volunteered at Uhuru Pies and Baking, a small pie business. During this event, members and officers were given gloves and hair nets and tasked to do various things around the kitchen. We filled pie crusts with chocolate and almond fillings, created a jerk sauce with 15+ ingredients and washed dishes. We also met the owners who were very nice and told us more about their business. During the event half a dozen people showed up and it was a lot of fun making pies and talking with friends. This service event went very smoothly and we hope to have more in the future!


Tote Bags and Bracelets

JPT, Clayton Valley Charter, D26N

On Monday, June 13th, Clayton Valley Charter High School Key Club hosted its first summer event of the '22-23 term. This event was held within Clayton Community Park with around 20 members attending. This event consisted of decorating tote bags and making bracelets for a generous donation of $12. All the money raised from this event was raised for charity. This event allowed dues-paid members to come and anyone willing to pay to become a member of our Key Club. Our LTG, Stephanie Dumalig also came as well as a member of the Deer Valley Key Club.

This event started around 2:00 pm with members slowly showing up. Twenty minutes before the event began, the officer board from the club came to arrange the items for everyone. A few tote bags were placed on each picnic desk with markers, paint, and colored pencils. After everyone arrived, our president, Meredith Edmonston gave everyone a warm welcome. The event started with some icebreaker activities to break the silence. After this, everyone got to make their tote bags. Most members made one side dedicated to Key Club and the other dedicated to a hobby or interest.

During the event's second half, Meredith held some more icebreaker activities to get people out of their shells. Members became acquainted with fellow members as the icebreakers went on. After this, the bracelet decorating started. Each member was given some red string and got to select from an assortment of beads. Members added beads dedicated to Key Club and/or a favorite person/interest. One of our new members, Kristin Francisco said, “The tote bags & bracelets event was my first Key Club event with Clayton Valley, and I can easily say that it was a wonderful way to prepare for a fun year of service. Drawing the design for my tote bag and stringing a bracelet was the perfect event given the warm weather!”. The officer board and I look forward to more events like this!


Lake Chabot Charity Miles

FL, Kipp King Collegiate, D02S

In the month of June, Kipp King held a charity mile hike at Lake Chabot Regional Park. The Charity miles Hike at Lake Chabot was a great event because Key Clubbers could donate money to our preferred charities and explore the outdoors. In addition to raising money for our preferred charities, we were able to bond as a club through the grueling 10 miles up and down the hills of Lake Chabot.