Toys for Tots

EQ, Strathmore, D18

Strathmore Key Club will again be doing the Toys For Tots drive at Strathmore High School. Key Club will be partnering with Strathmore California State Federation Club. This drive will begin on October 1st and end the second week of December on the 12th.  This event in the past happened to be a great success, and we hope to get and give back double the amount of Christmas gifts we collected last year. The two school clubs were also greatly thankful to have hosted it and the students' great participation. We look forward to giving back to our community again this year and the involvement of other school organizations and students.


Yogurtland Fundraiser

MC, Westlake, D42E

Last month, a very meaningful fundraiser was held by WHS Key Club for the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life! Not only was it very rewarding, but it was the perfect fundraiser for the hot summer days that June had brought us. Twenty percent of the proceeds went to Relay for Life. The fundraiser was held all day on Friday, July 15th, and took place at the Yogurtland in Westlake Village. Members could personalize their ice cream to their liking, and by showing the flyer, they were able to contribute to helping with the club’s fundraiser. In total, our club was able to raise $162.04! Having an ice cream fundraiser during the summer was particularly a good idea, as there were many people who were willing to go. Last month’s fundraiser was a great way to fundraise money for Relay for Life while also being able to enjoy a summer treat!

D42E Yogurtland 3 Mihir Chowdarapu

Rock Painting

SH, Oxnard, D42W

Oxnard Key Club rescheduled a previously canceled rock painting to July 20th. This fun event was originally scheduled for June 10th; However, things had come up toward the end of the school year causing it to be postponed. The activity took place at Oxnard Beach Park on a sunny afternoon. A few members were able to attend and paint positive messages on each rock. The rocks were then spread around the park which represented “spreading positivity”. Overall, it was a success as many onlookers commented nice things about the rocks that they saw. Since then, the club hopes that many more people have seen and felt the positive messages that were scattered around the park.

D42W RPO 2 Ashley Vargas

Interclub Social

JH, Pacifica, D42W

On July 15, we held our rock painting social! This was in collaboration with Channel Islands and Buena. Our president stumbled upon Haole’s Rock Garden a couple weeks back and thought it would be a good idea to make it a club-wide opportunity to earn service hours. When we first arrived, we looked at the rocks that were already in place to gain some inspiration and techniques. Many of them were honoring their past/present loved ones. Then, we went down to the shore to pick out rocks and brought them back to the garden where we set up our blankets and speakers. We had a couple visitors pass by and admire our work, and a man said that he painted one for his mother. Overall, it was a fun way to listen to music and spend the day in nice weather, while earning service hours alongside friends.

Key Club Over the Summer

IS, Damonte Ranch, D23

Even though Key Club was not able to meet up for weekly meetings over the summer, there were still many events to attend. The service events held by my home club included monthly food pantries, an online service week, and a garden cleanup where I got to help out my community hands on while enjoying my summer at home. I also had the opportunity to attend division events such as: OTC, Lavender & Honey Festival Volunteering, and the July DCM. At these events I got to interact and bond with members and officers from other clubs. Overall, the plethora of Key Club events held over the summer made summer break fun!

D23 Boba Fundraiser 3 Darell Acebu

What Key Club Means to Me

MB, Damonte Ranch, D23

Key Club to me is not just a volunteer club, but rather a family full of amazing people as passionate as I am for giving back to the community! I am so grateful to be surrounded by such caring and kind people I have met and connected with along the way. It’s so astounding to me how as a club, we can create a huge impact on a person’s life! I appreciate Key Club for allowing me to meet such remarkable people, teaching me the impact of community service, and for giving me the opportunity to thrive and grow as an individual. 

D23 WhatKeyClubMeansToMe 2 Darell Acebu


Boba Fundraiser

RS, Reed, Division 23

My favorite experience this month was going to the most recent fundraiser at 1, 2 Tea. It was very fun and the environment was nice. It was relaxed and I had fun listening to everyone singing karaoke, and it was nice to see some new faces. I loved that I was enjoying boba while also knowing that some of my proceeds were going to PTP to help others.

 D23 Boba Fundraiser 3 Darell Acebu

Beach Boomba

CN, Bolsa Grande High School, D04N

All seven divisions had the opportunity to participate in the entertaining and social event known as Beach Boomba. One of the most significant occasions that give all members and officers the chance to engage in games, challenges, and collaboration to forge new connections or friendships. The relay race, when we split up into groups of 10 or more and performed exercises like crab walks and jerks, was undoubtedly one of the most memorable experiences I had at Beach Boomba. Unfortunately, my group didn't win the Dalgona task, but I made a lot of new friends inside the group. The group that completed all of the various tasks was then moved to the following challenge, which our group didn't reach. After a few hours, one of my favorite events came up and it was pieing the LTG or tortilla slapping them :D. It cost around three dollars to pie our LTG Lina, but I won’t lie it was probably the most worth it. After putting us through hours of suffering and work, that was the cherry on top of the event. I am sad to say that this will be my last Beach Boomba, but it was one of the more memorable events I had this year so far. I can’t wait to see what future events, we have in store for this year.

Kiwanis Book Distributions

KN, Oxford Academy, D30S

In the month of July, OAKC volunteered at two Kiwanis Book Distributions, one with the Kiwanis Club of Cypress at King Elementary School, and one with the Kiwanis Club of Los Alamitos at Oak Middle School. At these distributions, we, obviously, distributed books to families in collaboration with Summer Harvest, an organization that was distributing food to families with children. I went to both of the distributions, and I had an amazing time! At the first book distribution on July 9, cars pulled into the school parking lot and parked their cars, and each volunteer walked up to the cars with a clipboard, giving it to the parent so they could fill out the form with their name and the grade levels of their children. Then, we would go back to the book area and take the packed bags of books according to each grade level, and bring them back to the cars to deliver them to the families. Although it was definitely very hot and sunny, I had a great time meeting new incoming freshmen at the event, and also helping families in need! At the second distribution, the distribution was formatted as a drive-thru instead, in which cars would get in line to receive books from Kiwanis and food from Summer Harvest, so we went up to the passenger side window and asked for their name and grades, and delivered their books to them. Unfortunately there weren’t as many families coming as the previous distribution, but we were able to help a good amount of families and that’s all that matters. These book distributions are just some of the numerous food and item distributions we have at Oxford Academy Key Club, so I hope to see you guys at our events this summer, and to join as dues-paid general members for the school year!

Registration Help

CL, D16S

From July 29 until August 12, Key Clubbers have been volunteering at Burbank High’s Registration. At registration, their main job was handing out textbooks to students in the library. This event was very popular- with 10 sign-ups per shift on average. Since registration lasts from July 29 to August 12, we have eight days that Key Clubbers can sign up. A typical shift lasts from 8 am-11 am but can also be from 1 pm-2:30 pm. We’ve enjoyed volunteering at registration and welcoming the new freshman as they enter their first year of high school! We can’t wait to volunteer here again next year!