Fall Rally North

Pre-Sale:  $36  (Extras can also be ordered see link below)
Tickets must be purchased in advance from the
                Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Website.
                Click Link here
                This will take you directly to the On-Line discount
                order screen. After you order, you just print the
                tickets out. They will NOT be mailed to you. 
                Admission Tickets, Discounted Parking, and a
                Catered Buffet Lunch are availble on the link above.
                Note: There are 2 times for the Buffet Lunch
                12:00 to 1:30  & 2-3:30pm you will need to choose                
                Pre-Sale Closes at 11:59pm on October 17, 2019
                For those clubs that cannot pay by Credit Card
                a MAIL IN FORM with a deadline of October 11, 2019 
                (received by) is now available with this LINK
                If you use the mail in form they will mail the tickets
               to you certified mail. The link includes both the mail
               in form and the extras order form. Use whichever one
               you need.
On Site:  $42  At Key Club Ticket Booth (Closes at 11:30 am)
For Season Pass Holders:
Rally Only: $5 for Rally Ticket - Get from your Region Advisor
Car Parking:  $30 (Discount on extra's order form Save $10)
Bus Parking:  $30.00 (day of*) $20 if pre-ordered

*See extra's order form 
for discounted parking
  Plus discounts for a All You can Eat Lunch Buffet
  or a meal option as well as a Haunted House
  discount. Link Here Some of these you can order
  on-line. This is just the extras order form.
Chabot Stadium in 2 sessions 11am and 1pm
Only attend the session your Division is assigned. See your Division’s Rally assignment here.
Six Flag’s Discovery Kingdom
October 19, 2019
Hours: 10:00am-11:00pm (Special Key Club)
Regular Park Hours: Noon-11:00pm
Parking Lot Open: 8:30 am 
Ticket windows Open: 8:30 am
Experience Motivational Programs, Division Spirit Rally, Meet New People, Help Out Pediatric Trauma, and Key Club Spirit
Again this year is the on-line order system that you will have to place your order in advance and follow the on-line instructions. All on-site tickets can be purchased at the Key Club Ticket booth which closes at 11:30AM, so make sure you get them before then. 

Order Forms - It is all on-line this year.

Fall Rally North Flyer

Fall Rally North Extra's Order Form (Great Deals)
Haunted House Voucher, Discount Parking, Meal Voucher,
and All you can eat Lunch Buffet Voucher. 
You can order the Buffet lunch with your entry ticket.