Bylaws and Campaigning

Presenters: Joyce Wu & Ilene Thaopraseuth

Room: Nevada 1-5 (Spa Level)

Description: Prepare for your elections next year! Learn how you can make sure that your elections adhere to CNH policy.


Stress, Health, and Happiness

Presenters: Rebecca Pan, Emmanuel Flores

Room: Nevada (Spa Level)

Description: Life is crazy, and sometimes we don't have enough time to get everything done while taking care of ourselves. Learn how to change that!


Started from the Bottom

Presenter: Diego Solorio, Mai Vu, Ellain Abatayo, Brianna Hilario

Room: Silver State 2 & 3 (Spa Level)

Description: Every club has to start somewhere. Maybe you have only a few members this year--find out how to grow that number!


Greeting on District Board

Presenter: Daniel Chong, Ryan Son

Room: Reno (Casino Level)

Description: Interested in being an LTG/CNH Leadership Team member? Find out the process and learn new tips and tricks here!


Promoting Key Club Through Memes

Presenter: Joanne Ma,  Nathan Nguyen,  Sam Duong-Brett, Krezzia Basilio

Room: Tahoe (Casino Level)

Description: Tik tok, tik tok! Believe it or not, club rush season starts in a few months! Learn how to use your social media skills to your club's advantage here!


Always look UP

Presenter: Shania Relucio, Sergio Nunez, Alex Jenkins, Shanelle Relucio

Room: Carson 3 & 4 (Casino Level)

Description: Sometimes it's a bit hard to stay optimistic, but doing so will make it easier to get through rough patches. Find out how to keep your eyes UP here!


How to Get a Date: The Key Club Core Values

Presenter: Irin Shim, Anran Ren, Cathleen Uy

Room: Crystal BR (Casino Level)

Description: Our core values are the foundations for everything that we do. Find out the deeper meanings behind these values here!