District Projects

CNH Goals

As one district, our aim is 46,000 members

As divisions, we want to work towards a goal of $150,000 for PTP

As clubs, we want to come together to serve 1,000,000 hours of service

And as individual members, we each want to save 3 lives from MNT


Together, this will bring us to one GOLDEN year


What is a "District Project?"

A specific project focus selected every other year by the District Project committee made up of members of the District Board. The current District Project covers the years 2012-2014. Clubs in the California-Nevada-Hawaii District come up with projects (see specific topics for project ideas) that encompass this District focus. Clubs do these projects throughout the year.

The CNH District Projects Committee has been working extremely hard to encourage and promote service in our District! One way that we have brainstormed is for our committee members to research service events in the 18 regions in the CNH District. While searching for these service events, the Committee will have a focus on finding events that pertain to Project Jump Start! By researching service events, we hope to increase the number of opportunities to go out and serve! Even if your club cannot attend any of the events listed, it is still a great opportunity to get an idea of what service projects that other clubs in the CNH District might be participating in. If you are interested in an event that perhaps you cannot attend, you can still contact your club's board and maybe organize the event in your local area!