Special Applications and Contests

The applications and contests listed on this page vary in their tasks for the CNH District.  Take the time to read all instructions outlined carefully in the PDF document for positions and contests.

2018-2019 CNH District Leadership Team Applications  Due Date: May 1, 2018 by 6PM - No Exceptions

     District News Editor Application
     District Technology Editor Application
     Digital Visual Media Editor Application
     Communications & Marketing Chair Application
     District Convention Chair Application
     Kiwanis Family and Foundation Chair Application
     Membership Development & Education Chair Application
     Member Recognition Chair Application
     Policy, International, & Elections Chair Application
     Service Projects Chair Application

          If applying for one of these positions please use this  LINK to register your intent by the due date
         You will also have to fill out the Leadership Team Service Agreement
        NOTE: You do not have to submit the Leadership Team Service Agreement with your application, but you must review it as
                     you are agreeing to all of the terms and conditions within the service agreement.