Summer Day Camp

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Enjoying our art time with the kids.


To prevent the “summer learning slide”, every summer the Cordova Community Council sets up an 8-week long day camp for local kids. Some refer to it simply as “Summer Camp” or “Kids’ Camp” while its official name is “Growing Together Summer Camp”. Cordova Key Clubbers have been working with this program for about 4 years and they love the rewarding experience.


The volunteers, or Counselors in Training, are to report to the camp sites (local elementary schools) at 8am every morning. Mondays through Thursdays, the members show up with smiles on their faces, ready for a fun-filled day. Throughout the camp, Key Clubbers help guide the kids through their daily reading books. Whether it’s helping them read or spelling out a word, the C.I.T.’s are there. And what’s a day camp without outdoor activities? Along with the kids, the Key Clubbers participate in exciting team games and created an unbreakable bond with the children as well as within each other.

Eight weeks go by quickly and by the time camp ended, Key Clubbers had made a tremendous impact on these kids’ lives. They have set expectations and great examples of what a good C.I.T. is. The young kids look up to the C.I.T.’s, respectably, more than the adults at camp. The simple reason is because it’s easier for the children to relate to us since their age difference isn’t too large. Although saying goodbye was bittersweet, Cordova Key Clubbers told the kids that they will soon see each other again, summer 2013!