Welcome to the New CyberKey

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As you might have noticed, there have been some changes to the CyberKey.

Rather than take the time to highlight every little detail, I'll leave you with a general idea of what the thought behind this redesign is, and I'll leave the exploring up to you.

First, there is an increased focus on member-submitted content. The shift from a more static set of  pages to an ever-changing site with constantly-updated news requires a community of members to submit articles, so I'm counting on all of us in CNH to get our cameras out, take some cute pictures, and get sharing. You can always submit articles to District News Editor Mark Ubongen as usual, and you can now also submit content directly through the CyberKey. Feel free to submit as much content as you like -- you never know what might get chosen to be a featured article on the CyberKey!

 Second, there has been an updating of the site technologically as well. You'll find new features around the site that utilize the latest in web design techniques, the most important of which is a responsive layout. What this means is that if you visit the site from a mobile device (a smartphone or tablet, for example), you will get a layout that fits snug on your smaller screen rather than a desktop layout. 

The mobile interface.


This means you can browse the CyberKey from your mobile device easier than ever.

Also, if you have an iOS device, you can add a nifty little shortcut to your homescreen.

The iOS shortcut icon.


But again, these are just individual features -- ways of making the larger experience more comfortable as a whole. It is the larger experience, powered by We the Members that truly matters.

So I encourage you to explore the site, submit content, submit feedback, share posts you like with friends, and come back often. Changes are being made daily, new content and features are being added, and bugs are being worked out (if something doesn't load properly for you, click the CNH logo to head back home). The CyberKey is by no means "done" -- this is only the start of something new, something that will only continue to grow and change and gain new meaning and functionality.

There is always more on the way, so as always, keep in touch and stay tuned... and in the meantime, Enjoy.


Yours in service,

Rasmi Elasmar
2012-2013 CNH District Technology Editor