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Getting Back Into the Key Club Groove

Posted in CNH News


Sadly, the summer is slowly droning to an end. Last minute vacations are being planned, summer homework is filling up students’ days, and the dread of waking up before sunset is setting in…

But that’s not to say that Beckman Key Club isn’t getting ready to re-start its efforts for the new school year. With a very large board elected for this new school year, we have a very focused group ready to make this a great year for our Key Club. Many of our members, both in the club and on the board, are entering their senior year. Even though we have a lot on our plate with college applications on the horizon, we have not lost sight of our commitment to Key Club.

First of all, a portion of our board has met with our advisor and discussed upcoming plans for the school year. Among the numerous ideas discussed are another Teens for Jeans drive, possibly a benefit concert, and an SAT seminar. We want to not only help integrate new students on our campus but also to help those preparing to take the SAT with our seminar hosted by some experienced upperclassmen board members. We’ve even discussed establishing a connection with a Kiwanis veteran who has set up some creative service projects. The website is “under renovation” with some updates. Everything is being prepared for one last run (at least for the seniors, including myself).

One last run at the first day of school, one last run for getting school supplies, one last year, one last Key Club…