Monday, January 18, 2021

What kind of service projects can a Key Club undertake?

There is almost no limit to the scope and nature of Key Club service projects. The Key Club Web site, Key Club Magazine, and conventions all offer ideas for service opportunities. Better yet, begin by looking around your school for existing needs.

Are there any minimums for involvement in a Key Club?

Many clubs utilize a point system in which members earn points for attending meetings and projects. The best rule of thumb is the 50-hour rule: Every Key Club member should be willing to undertake 50 hours of service each year. (Throughout the organization, more than 12 million service hours are produced annually.)

My high school already has more than one service club. Why should we add a Key Club?

First, and most importantly, most high schools can only benefit by having more clubs provide positive service opportunities for students. Multiple service clubs can, when properly encouraged, produce a synergy of service to a school and community. Second, Key Club is one of the few organizations that actually is a student-led organization from top to bottom. That means the members elect the officers and pay the dues. What better way to teach real responsibility?

What’s the cost for chartering a new Key Club?

The chartering fee for new Key Clubs is US $600 and must be paid at the time of chartering.This fee includes the membership pins, cards, handbooks, certificates, a gong, gavel, and banner.

How many members are needed to start a new Key Club?

Fifteen is all it takes; however, no more than one-half should be scheduled to graduate in the same year.

The club membership form asks for member names and mailing addresses. Will Key Club sell or rent these to third parties?

Absolutely not! The membership database is for the exclusive use of Kiwanis International's Key Club Department and Key Club International. It will only be used to mail organization and benefit information to members under the control of Key Club and Kiwanis.

Can an all-male or all-female club be chartered? In an all-male or all-female school, this is permissible.

In a co-ed enrollment, US and Canadian schools are at risk of being in violation of existing federal and state/provincial laws prohibiting discrimination based upon gender.

How do I build a new Key Club?

With a Kiwanis club in your community, order a new-club-building kit from Key Club International.